Ken Hiraiwa
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Professor of Linguistics, Meiji Gakuin University

MIT Linguistics and Philosophy
77 Massachusetts Avenue, 32-D808
Cambridge, MA 02139, USA

Fulbright Visiting Scholar (from April 2016 through March 2017)

Linguistic Theory, Syntax, Faculty of Language, Number Capacities

Journal Publications

  • Hiraiwa, Ken (2017). The Faculty of Language Integrates the Two Core Systems of Number. Frontiers in Psychology 8:351. 
    [DOI: 10.3389/fpsyg.2017.00351] 
  • Hiraiwa, Ken,  George Akanlig-Pare, Sam Atintono, Adams Bodomo, Komlan Essizewa, and Husheini Hudu (2017). A Comparative Syntax of Internally-Headed Relative Clauses in Gur. (in press) Glossa: A Journal of General Linguistics. Ubiquity Press. 
  • Hiraiwa, Ken (2016). NP-Ellipsis: A Comparative Syntax of Japanese and Okinawan. Natural Language & Linguistic Theory 34(4) 1345–1387. Springer. [DOI: 10.1007/s11049-015-9324-6]
  • Hiraiwa, Ken (2012). The Mechanism of Inverted Relativization: A Silent Linker and Inversion in Japanese. Journal of Linguistics. Cambridge University Press. [DOI: 10.1017/S0022226712000126]
  • Hiraiwa, Ken and Shinichiro Ishihara (2012). Syntactic Metamorphosis. Syntax: A Journal of Theoretical, Experimental, and Interdisciplinary Research. 15(2): 142–180. Willey-Blackwell. [DOI: 10.1111/j.1467-9612.2011.00164.x]
  • Hiraiwa, Ken (2010). Complement Types and the CP/DP Parallelism: A Case of Japanese (a commentary on Haegeman and Ürögdi (2010)). Theoretical Linguistics. 36(2): 189-198. Mouton de Gruyter. [DOI: 10.1515/ THLI.2010.013]
  • Hiraiwa, Ken (2010). Spelling Out the Double-o Constraint. Natural Language & Linguistic Theory. Springer. 28(3): 723-770. Springer. [DOI: 10.1007/s11049-010-9098-9]
  • Hiraiwa, Ken (2010). Scrambling to the Edge. Syntax: A Journal of Theoretical, Experimental, and Interdisciplinary Research. Willey-Blackwell. 13(2):133–164 [DOI: 10.1111/j.1467-9612.2009.00135.x]
  • Bodomo, Adams and Ken Hiraiwa (2009). Relativization in Dagaare and Its Typological Implications: Left-Headed But Internally-Headed. Lingua. Elsevier. 120(4):953-983. [DOI: 10.1016/j.lingua.2009.06.008]
  • Hiraiwa, Ken (2009). Kakarimusubi in Okinawan and Its Microparametric Implications. Snippets. Issue 19: 13-14.
  • Hiraiwa, Ken and Adams Bodomo (2008). Object-Sharing as Symmetric Sharing: Predicate Clefting and Serial Verbs in Dagaare. Natural Language & Linguistic Theory. Springer. 26(4): 795-832. [DOI: 10.1007/s11049-008-9056-y]
  • Hiraiwa, Ken (2005). Predicate Clefts in Buli: Categories and Phases. In R. Letsholo and N.C. Kula (eds.) Linguistic Analysis. A special volume: African Linguistics in the New Millennium. 32(3/4): 544-583.
  • 2017/06. TBA. The 11th International Workshop on Theoretical East Asian Linguistics (TEAL-11). Academia Sinica, Taiwan. [Invited Talk] 
  • 2017/05. TBA. The 89th Annual Meeting of the English Literary Society of Japan. Symposium. [Invited Talk]
  • 2016/11. Decomposing Indeterminates and Composing Indefinite Pronouns. NYU Brown Bag Talk. 
  • 2016/10. Labeling roots and pronouns. NELS 47. UMass, Amherst.  [Poster]
  • 2015/10. Disjunction and Question in Dagaare. (with Adams Bodomo). A Workshop on Disjunction and Question. University of Vienna. 
  • 2014/11. A Comparative Syntax of Indefinite QPs and Augmentless Nominals in Japanese and Bantu. NELS 45. MIT. [Poster]
  • 2014/10. Number Systems and the Faculty of Language -Issues in Number, Numerals, Agreement, and Beyond-. Symposium on Number. Meiji Gakuin University.