FWRG is a chance for all who are interested in gathering linguistic data via fieldwork to discuss/present/share their experience. First, we will try to invite those colloquium speakers who do fieldwork to share their knowledge and experience with us. This semester they are: Sergei Tatevosov, Lisa Matthewson, Martina Martinovic and Emily Elfner. Second, we welcome any student or faculty who can give a talk or discussion. The are four kinds of presentations/topics that we are aiming at:

1. Organizing a field trip.
Leading a discussion on possible problems in organizing fieldwork at MIT and elsewhere.

Landscape specifics (what are the best food options, how not to behave, if you do fieldwork in Caucasus); and organization specifics (the best way to calm your nerves after dealing with to work with a university’s bureaucratic system).

2. Fieldworker’s toolkit.
Leading a discussion of a reference (a paper or a book) you have found useful for your fieldwork.

E.g.: A quick and easy way to collect the primary binding data; or a handy questionnaire to find out the basic aspectual system of a language; or what to do and how to proceed when your language does not have raising constructions.

3. Software.
A presentation on how to use sql/access/elan/praat or anything else of that sort.

4. Raw data.
Some raw field data you need feedback on before going back to the speakers.

This semester the fieldwork reading group (FWRG) meets on: TBA

Spring 2020

Nothing from February 1, 2020 to July 31, 2020.