Participants in reading groups read, discuss, and learn in significant depth about new and exciting developments in the field.

Experimental Syntax & Semantics Lab

Interweaving theoretical and empirical work, we investigate how language interfaces with the mind's conceptual intentional systems. Research includes the processing of quantifier integration in real time, ellipsis, degree operators, extraposition, and verification procedures associated with quantified statements.

Fieldwork Reading Group (FWRG)

FWRG is a chance for all who are interested in gathering linguistic data via fieldwork to discuss/present/share their experience. First, we will try to invite those colloquium speakers who do fieldwork to share their knowledge [...]

MIT Language Acquisition Lab

MIT Language Acquisition Lab is a group of researchers who have a common interest in learning how children acquire their native language or languages.


MorPhun is MIT Linguistics' new weekly morphology reading group. We meet on Wednesdays at 5-6:30pm (room 32-D831) to read and discuss papers on morphology. Everyone is invited to suggest reading ideas and join us!

Phonology Circle

The Phonology Circle is a weekly forum for the presentation of current research in phonology and phonetics.

Syntax-Semantics Reading Group (LFRG)

The primary aim of LFRG is to give you an opportunity to have informal discussions of your own and other people's ideas without having to worry about saying something wrong. Thus, practice talks and presentations [...]

Syntax Square

Syntax Square exists to facilitate the presentation or discussion of anything relating to syntax. Formal presentations are welcome, but not necessary. If there's a bit of syntax you want to have a discussion about, sign [...]