MIT Philosophy

Sylvain Bromberger (emeritus)
Justin Khoo
Vann McGee
Agustin Rayo
Jack Spencer
Robert Stalnaker
Stephen Yablo

Language-related research in other MIT departments

Regina Barzilay (CSAIL): natural language processing

Robert Berwick (LIDS & BCS): computational modeling and computational complexity of human language, biolinguistics, genomics of language; dynamical system theories of language evolution and change

Ted Gibson (BCS): language processing; quantitative linguistics; culture and cognition

Jim Glass (CSAIL Spoken Language Systems Group): automatic speech recognition, unsupervised speech processing, and spoken language understanding.

Graham Jones (Anthropology): cultural and linguistic anthropology, production and circulation of knowledge

Boris Katz (CSAIL): natural language understanding and generation, multimodal information access, knowledge representation, human computer interaction, and event recognition

Roger Levy (BCS): processing and acquisition of natural language, with a focus on how linguistic communication resolves uncertainty over a potentially unbounded set of possible signals and meanings

Stefanie Seneff (CSAIL Spoken Language Systems Group): conversational systems, including phonological modelling, auditory modelling, computer speech recognition, statistical language modelling, natural language understanding and generation, discourse and dialogue modelling, and prosodic analysis

Stefanie Shattuck-Hufnagel (RLE Speech Communication Group): cognitive structures and processes involved in speech production planning, particularly at the level of speech sound sequencing

Josh Tenenbaum (BCS Computational Cognitive Science group): bayesian models of cognition; learning and inference; computational cognitive science

Victor Zue (CSAIL Spoken Language Systems Group): human language technologies for easy access of structured and unstructured information from the web