Kenneth Hale

Linguistic Theory, Amerindian and Australian Languages Emeritus

A Biographical Memoir of Kenneth Hale, by Morris Halle and Norvin Richards.

Tanya Reinhart

Tanya received her PhD in Linguistics from our department in 1976 and was a frequent and welcome visitor ever since. Tanya’s contributions to linguistic theory are lasting and profound, and we took pride in Tanya’s continuing links to this department. Her work on anaphora, on the interaction of syntax with semantics, and on the processing of linguistic structures have a continuing daily influence on our own work. Whenever we spoke with Tanya, we always learned something new. She will be missed.

Obituary in the Guardian Ha’aretz New York Times 

In memory of Tanya Reinhart by Noam Chomsky.

A few words about Tanya“, spoken before a talk at Leysin, Switzerland (March 20, 2007) by Danny Fox .

Edward S Klima

This website is a tribute to Klima and his role in linguistics: and includes books, awards, highlights of his career, and letters from colleagues as well as photos (some from a syntax conference in 1969 with other MIT linguists). Klima was colleague of Morris Halle, Noam Chomsky and others, did ground-breaking work on syntax of negation, taught poetics and grammar, and much more, which led to his award winning work on the structure, syntax, acquisition, and neurobioloty of languages in different modalities, sign languages.