This page offers information about the minor offered by the Linguistics section of our department. We also offer a major program and a HASS Concentration in Linguistics.

The Minor Program in Linguistics consists of six subjects arranged in three levels of study, intended to provide students with breadth in the field of theoretical linguistics as a whole. The three levels are as follows:

Tier I
One subject:

  • 24.900 Introduction to Linguistics

Tier II 
Three subjects:

  • 24.901 Language and Its Structure I: Phonology
  • 24.902 Language and Its Structure II: Syntax
  • 24.903 Language and Its Structure III: Semantics and Pragmatics

Tier III 
Two subjects chosen from:

  • 24.904J Language Acquisition
  • 24.905J Psycholinguistics
  • 24.906J The Linguistic Study of Bilingualism
  • 24.907J Abnormal Language
  • 24.909 Field Methods in Linguistics
  • 24.910 Advanced Topics in Linguistic Analysis
  • 24.914 Language Variation and Change
  • 24.915 Linguistic Phonetics

Contact Information

Professor Edward Flemming
Undergraduate Officer