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Snejana Iovtcheva
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I am a sixth year PhD candidate in the Linguistics Department at MIT. I specialize primarily in Syntax and Morphosyntax. In my prospective dissertation I am working on offering a uniform syntactic solution for constructions involving Dative/Oblique arguments in Bulgarian. Topics that also keep me excited and busy relate to the interrogatives and the possessives constructions across the Balkan languages. You will find me working and exploring the nominal domain of many non-Balkan languages, as well. Grammatical gender, definiteness, inflectional and derivational morpho-phonology are some additional topics that I have engaged with in various squibs and seminar works. 

  • An Applicative Account of Bulgarian Double Object Constructions. MIT Syntax Square 2017.
  • Affectedness and External Possessive relations. A case study on Bulgarian. Pesetsky @ 60, Workshop in honor of David Pesetsky’s 60th birthday, (2017 at MIT).
  • Possessors and definiteness effects in Bulgarian, ECO-5 (2016 at MIT).
  • Distinguishing raising external possessors in Bulgarian. MIT Syntax Square  (2015).
  • Island obviation in answer fragments: Evidence from Bulgarian li-questions (with Despina Oikonomou) FASL24 (2015 at NYU).
  • The External Possessors of Bulgarian: Raising, Control, and Focus, ECO-5 (2015 at Harvard).
  • An Output-to-Output correspondence analysis of Bulgarian vowel-zero alternation FASL23 (2014 at Berkeley University)
  • [focus]-movement in wh-questions in Bulgarian. MIT Syntax Square (2011).
  • Wh-questions in Bulgarian: Evidence for [focus]-movement in a Feature-based Syntactic Theory, 5th Annual Slavic Linguistic Society Conference at the University of Chicago (2010).
  • Wh-movement in Bulgarian. Syracuse University Linguistic Colloquium (2010).