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Ferrari P. Ward Professor of Modern Languages and Linguistics, and Margaret MacVicar Faculty Fellow

MIT Linguistics and Philosophy
77 Massachusetts Avenue, 32-D808
Cambridge, MA 02139, USA

Syntax (and interfaces with morphology and semantics); Syntax of Music
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Manuscript versions of recently published work

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Older Unpublished work

  • These PDF files are made from older manuscripts, and were not prepared for publication. They contain formatting and other errors. 
  • "Russian Morphology and Lexical Theory" (1977)
    [Generals paper in phonology from my graduate student days. Of interest as the birthplace of (what later became known as) Lexical Phonology.]
  • "The Earliness Principle" (1989)
    [Paper presented at GLOW in 1989, but never written up. 
    Interesting data and observations about counterfactual inversion and about short verb movement in English.]
  • "Zero Syntax: vol. 2: Infinitives "(1991)
    [Material intended for Zero Syntax but not included in the final publication.]