All students are expected to serve as Teaching Assistants during two semesters of their residence, for their own professional development as well as the good of the Department. Normally, in at least one of these semesters (and often both), students serve as TAs for¬†24.900, Introduction to Linguistics¬†(a heavily enrolled multi-section introduction to linguistics for undergraduates).¬†Responsibilities of TAs in 24.900 include the following: (a) attendance at lectures given by the instructor in charge, (b) leading a weekly one-hour discussion section (called “recitation” at MIT) of approximately 18 students, (c) correcting assignments of students in the recitation section and (d) meeting with students for extra assistance during office hours. Students may also have the opportunity to serve as a TA for an intermediate undergraduate or first-year graduate class, as needed.

In semesters in which the department has additional TA needs, some students may also be offered the opportunity to serve as TAs beyond the two-semester requirement, for additional pay.