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I am a fourth-year graduate student in the Linguistics Department at MIT. My primary interests are in syntax. I have worked on the English disjunction coordinator either, ellipsis, and expletives there and it. Recently I branched out into prosody, and studied the phonetics of focus prosody in English and Zulu using experimental methods.

Journal Articles
(2019). "Inducing and blocking labeling." Glossa. with Shigeru Miyagawa and Masatoshi Koizumi. ​(paper)

Conference Proceedings
(2019). "Syntax of either in eitheror… sentences." Proceedings of NELS 49. (full paper)
(2019). ​"Evidence from ellipsis suggests the low origination site of expletives there and it." Proceedings of CLS 54. (paper)
(2018). "A revised labeling approach to long-distance agreement." with Shigeru Miyagawa and Masatoshi Koizumi. ​Proceedings of MAPLL × TCP × TL × TaLK (MT3). (paper)

(2020). "Durational cues to stress and phrasing are preserved post-focally in English." Presentation at Speech Prosody.
(2020). "Focus and penultimate vowel lengthening in Zulu." with Yadav Gowda. Presentation at Speech Prosody.
(2020). "Focus and prominence in Zulu." with Yadav Gowda. Talk at ACAL 51.
(2020). "Phrasal stress and phrasing are preserved in the absence of pitch accent: Evidence from post-nuclear de-accentuation in English." Talk at CLS 56.
(2020). "Syntax of either in either…or… sentences." Talk at ECO-5.(2020). "Whether can pied-pipe." Talk at LSA 94. (slides)
(2020). "Clitic climbing and linear adjacency in Wolof." with Yadav Gowda. Talk at LSA 94.
(2019). "Why *if or not but ✓whether or not." Poster at NELS 50. (paper)
(2019). “A copy-based approach to either in either... or... sentences.” Poster at NELS 49.
(2018). “Deriving Case Theory II: Issues of [-N]/[+N], ECM.” Invited talk at Workshop on Case Theory and Labeling of Structures at The University of Tokyo.
(2018). “English expletives there and it originate low: Evidence from ellipsis.” Poster at WCCFL 36.
(2018). "A new analysis and prediction about Lubukusu agreeing complementizers." with Elise Newman. Talk at LSA 92.

Linguistics for Researchers in Computer Science, Cognitive Science, and Related Fields, Fall 2019
Advanced Phonology, Spring 2019
Introduction to Linguistics, Spring 2018
LSA Summer Institute in Kentucky, Summer 2017